Year 1 Maths 8.7.20

Today we would like you to play some games to work on counting in steps of 10 and 2.

Try 'Paint the Squares'. Select a 1 - 100 square and then challenge yourself to paint all of the squares we would say when counting in 10s from 0 to 100 or when counting in 2s from 0 to at least 20. What do you notice about the numbers? Can you see any patterns?


Have a go at 'Balloon Pop Math, Skip Count' game.  Start with counting in 10s and 2s, then you can try the counting in 5s if you want an extra challenge.  You have to look at the given sequence of numbers at the top of the box and then pop the balloons in the correct order to complete the sequence.

You can always have a go at singing the counting in 10s and 2s songs from Monday and Tuesday again if you like.

Have fun!