Year 1 Maths - 9.6.20

We are now going to be learning about money in our Maths lessons.

We will be looking at recognising coins and notes. We will learn their value and what they are worth.

For this topic we really encourage the use of 'real' money as much as possible. It is important that the children get to handle and see money in real life too.

So please do use the slides to support you, but where possible, get the coins and notes out! Allow your child to count different amounts and become familiar with each coins value. We encourage that you perhaps use role play too, maybe set up a shop. Try to create as many opportunities and ways for your child to 'play' (and therefore learn!) with money.

Listen to this catchy song as a starter.

Use the slides in this document if you like, but please be sure to stop to discuss each activity as needed.

Here are some worksheets to help practise this further. There are a lot! In school we would be expecting children to complete a sheet. If they want to and can do more, then great!

Have fun.