Year 2 English wb 15.6.20

This week we are going to be using the Oak National Academy website for our English lessons, which involves watching a video made by a Year 2 teacher and having a go at the activities linking to the video objective.

We have carefully selected the lessons which we would like the children to have a go at.

We hope you enjoy these lessons and we would appreciate some feedback regarding them.

Today’s lesson link is attached though this blog, but for the other weekdays we will simply add the web link for you to get going with. We have however written what the content for each lesson will be.

Any questions as always, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Monday – Retrieving information from a section of text (more reading comprehension based)

Tuesday – Finding the meaning of words (dictionary skills)

Wednesday – Features of instructions

Thursday – Identifying and using adverbs

Friday – To write instructions

Have fun!