Year 2 Maths 12.6.20

Year 2 Maths – Friday 12th June

Today you are going to challenge yourself by choosing the game level that suits you. Try not to choose one, which you will find easy – remember it is good to be challenged at times. However, calculations, which are too tricky, are not great either. We suggest you have a go at 2 digit numbers, bonds to 20 or 100, two digits and carrying for the addition and 10 less or two digit numbers to 100 for subtraction.

Activity 1

The game links to the four operations, but to start off with we would like you to choose addition and/or subtraction. Click on the following link and choose the level suited for you. Enjoy!

Activity 2

Once you have challenged yourself with addition and subtraction, you can have a play on the multiplication and/or division.