Year 2 Maths - 13.5.20

Wednesday 13th May – Telling the Time

This week we will be beginning to learn how to tell the time. You will be learning o’clock and half past.

Here is a help guide, which you can have a look at to see the new vocabulary.

Your first activity is to make your clock so that you can use it to help you with your learning. Click here to print off a clock template. If you cannot print, you can always have a look at it and create your own. If you have a paper plate, you can always use this as a base. You will need a short hour hand and a long minute hand. Here is my clock!

Watch the video to begin understanding how to tell the time. There is a game underneath you can play!

Y2 Activity

Can you use your clock to make the following time?

1. 10 o’clock

2. 3 o’clock

3. 7 o’clock

4. 12 o’clock

5. 9 o’clock


What would one hour before and one hour after be from the times above?

Example: 2 o’clock – the hour before is 1 o’clock and the hour after is 3 o’clock