Year 2 Maths - 15.5.20

Friday 15th May – Telling the Time

Today it is time to test your knowledge on what you have learnt about telling the time using o’clock and half past.

Challenge 1

Can you show these times on your clock that you made?

1. 8 o’clock 2. Half past 4 3. 6 o’clock

4. Half past 12 5. Half past 6 6. 1 o’clock

Challenge 2

Click here to find a board game, which you can play. If you cannot print the board game, you could always make your own or move something along the screen to show where you are. Here is a virtual dice roller too!

Challenge 3

Click here for some loop cards. The idea is that each question links to an answer and they should all ‘loop’ together. If you cannot print these out, you could write down the order on some paper or better still, create your own! We look forward to seeing some pictures of your loop cards.