Year 2 Maths - 18.5.20

Monday 18th May – Telling the Time

To start with today, we are going to recap o’clock and half past. Watch this video to remind yourself.

Today you will be looking at ‘quarter past’ the hour. This is when the minute hand is pointing at the 3 because it has travelled quarter of the way around the clock.

Watch this video to have it explained to you and for you to have a go at some questions. Remember, you can try and make the times on your own clock which you have made.

Activity 1

Can you have a go at making these times on your clock?

1. Quarter Past 7 2. Quarter Past 9 3. Quarter Past 2

4. 5:15 5. 2:15 6. 12:15

Activity 2

Use the times above to work out what one hour before and one hour after would be. Remember adding or taking away an hour, means the minute hand goes ALL the way around the clock face!