Year 2 Maths - 19.5.20

Tuesday 19th May – Telling the Time

So far you have learnt to tell the time using o’clock, half past and quarter past. Today we will be looking at quarter to the hour. This can be quite tricky, but if you take it slowly, then you should be okay!

Don’t forget, as you have done with all the other times, remember to use your own homemade clock to help you out.

Activity 1

Take a look at this video, which will teach you how to understand quarter to on the clock.

Feel free to look at these slides as well to consolidate what you have just learnt.

Activity 2

Click here and have a go at some of these questions linking to quarter past and quarter to – can you remember the difference between the two? The answers are on there to help you if you are stuck!

Activity 3

Click here to complete the worksheet, which includes quarter past and quarter to.