Year 2 Maths - 21.4.20

Tuesday 21st April – Year 2 Maths

At Landscore, we use a scheme, which teachers plan from called White Rose Maths. This scheme have uploaded onto their website, videos and linked worksheets, which link directly to the learning the children would have completed in class.

This week, Y2 children will be finishing the block, which they started when they were at school, called Fractions. The previous lessons on the White Rose website show what the children have already learnt such as finding ½, ¼ and 1/3 of numbers, objects and shapes. If you would like to complete some of the previous lessons as a recap, then please feel free.

Each day there will be a different video for the children to watch and a worksheet for them to complete. If any of the questions look like they may be able to be completed practically using resources from around the home, then please feel free to do this as well.

Today’s video is: Week 2 – Lesson 4 – Non-unit Fractions

Please click here for the worksheet.

If you are struggling to access the video from the website, please click here to view it.