Year 2 Maths - 27.4.20 - Position and Direction

This week the children will be learning about Position and Direction, broken down into small steps. These are:

1. Describing Movement

2. Describing Turns

3. Describing Movement and Turns

4. Describing Movement and Turns within making patterns with shapes

5. A practical activity linking to what the children have learnt.

The learning will be added to the website in the form of a pdf document which provides the children with some small activities linking to the small step. The pdf provides the answers as well to support you.

At the end of each document there is a more practical activity which the children can go off and do.


Click here to find today's learning document - Describing Movement


Click here for a support sheet with key vocabulary and images to support your understanding.

Here are a number of different BBC Bitesize videos which you might want to watch to help you with your learning - you can always come back to them another day to re-watch them by clicking on Monday's maths again.

- Describing the position of objects

- Moving in different directions

- Describing and giving directions

- How to follow directions

- KS1 Position and Direction Song

Please continue sending in your photos to your teachers of the learning you have completed!