Year 2 Maths 5.6.20

Friday 5th June - Year 2 Maths – Butterfly Symmetry

We hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s maths learning by adding and subtracting 1s from 2-digit numbers. We hope that you have a good strategy to help you! Number bonds are a good one.

Today, you have something slightly different! More of a fun mathematical challenge.

We would like you to think about symmetry. Symmetry is all about reflection; what is on one side must be exactly the same on the other side!

Click here for Activity 1. This is about creating symmetrical butterflies. There are different activities here for you.


If you would like a cooking challenge, (you will need to ask your parents/guardians first), then click here! This time you are doing to create a simple symmetrical butterfly pizza. However, if you do not have the ingredients, you can always use food to make a symmetrical pattern instead.