Year 2 Maths wb 4.1.21

We are starting our Multiplication block in Maths this week.

Tuesday -

We will be looking at equal and non-equal groups.

Have a look at the pictures on these discussion cards...

Are they equal groups?

Encourage you child to use this sentence for when there are equal groups.

There are ____ equal groups with ____ in each group. There are __________.

Using some objects from around the house can you make:

3 equal groups with 2 in each group

4 equal groups with 5 in each group

2 equal groups with 6 in each group

Can you think of some more?

Wednesday -

Today we will be making equal groups.

First use things from around your house and have a go at making...

4 equal groups with 2 in each,

2 equal groups with 5 in each,

5 equal groups with 3 in each,

7 equal groups with 2 in each.

Now work through this video to practise making equal groups.

Click here for the worksheet if you need it.

Thursday -

Today we are adding equal groups.

Click here for the link to the White Rose teaching video.

Can you set a challenge for your grown-up?

Use some items to make equal groups and take it in turns to test each others adding skills.

Here is one to get you started...


Have fun!

Friday -

Today we are looking at using the multiplication symbol. Do you know what it looks like?

Watch this video to learn more.

Can you fill in the missing boxes for this picture?

Now have a go at the questions on this worksheet.

Good luck.