Year 2 Spelling wb 11.5.20

We hope you are enjoying the spelling website, which has lots of fun and challenging games to help you learn your spellings!

Remember you can just click on 'Spelling Tiles' for the games linked to the sound/pattern and if you would like to do the 'Practise/Test' to test yourself after you have played the games, you can!

We are now down to the Common Exception Words, which should just be a recap for most of you. To challenge yourself, each day, why not try and write some sentences using the words you have practised (remember the sillier/funnier the better!) Who can send in the silliest/funniest sentence to their teacher?

This week’s spelling rules are:

Monday 11th MayCommon Exception Words 1

Tuesday 12th May - Common Exception Words 2

Wednesday 13th May - Common Exception Words 3

Thursday 14th MayCommon Exception Words 4

Friday 15th May Common Exception Words 5

There is also a Common Exception Words 6 if you are wanting some extra!

Have fun!