Year 3 and 4 English - Week Beginning 16th November

In English this week we will be looking at how we punctuate direct speech.

Monday 16th November Today we looking at using inverted commas. This website will help you - Look at the picture below - can you spot all the features of speech?

Find a reading book at home with speech in - can you spot the speech marks?

Tuesday 17th November Today we are going to look for as many different synonyms for said as we can. This website will help you -

Have a go at this worksheet (you can copy out the sentences!) using some of the synonyms above. Worksheet linked here Wednesday 18th November - Today we are looking at using speech marks in our writing. This video will help you -

Have a go at changing these speech bubbles into punctuated speech using speech marks. Don't forget to use the synonyms for said that you looked at yesterday!

Thursday 19th November Today we are looking at punctuating speech again - this website can help you - Now have a go at punctuating these sentences below correctly with speech marks.

Friday 20th November Today we would like you to have a go at this worksheet - Go back and use the videos and work you have done this week to help you!

Some other things Spelling game What are nouns

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