Year 3 and 4 English - Week Beginning 30th November

This week in class we will be focusing on letter writing - at home you can be looking for different features of letters and drafting a letter of your own. We have also included some spelling and grammar activities for you to complete as well.

Monday - Watch this BBC Bitesize video to help you -

Have a look at these two different letters - Can you identify some of the features of a letter?

Tuesday - Today we are looking at possessive apostrophes. This video will help you -

For this worksheet you will need two different colour pens!

Singular or Plural
Download PDF • 46KB

Wednesday - Today we will be looking at when words with an /i/ sound are spelt with a "c" - watch this video to help you -

Here is a worksheet for today Thursday - Today we are looking at using paragraphs properly in our writing, Work your way through this BBC Bitesize Lesson on paragraphs -

Friday - Work your way through the BBC Bitesize Lesson on letter writing - Some games to play - Spelling game - spooky spellings

Spelling game - bird spellings

Verbs in space