Year 3 and 4 English - Week Beginning 4th January

This week we will be focusing on Poetry! The Poem we will be focusing on is "Colour" by Kate Williams. We will be looking at using adjectives, alliteration and similes to help us build up description in our writing.

Tuesday Read the poem and think about the different things the poet has used - can you spot all of the adjectives (describing words!) and put these in the table below? Once you've found all the adjectives can you now find all the nouns (remember these are words for people, places, things and places!)

Can you think of any other words that are adjectives or nouns?


Re-read the poem "Colour" by Kate Williams from yesterday again.

Look at the different adjectives the poet used to describe the colours - a lot of them use alliteration.

To find out more about alliteration look at this BBC Bitesize site -

Use the template below (or copy out your own) to think of some adjectives to describe the colours using alliteration. Use the poem from yesterday to inspire you!


Today we are going to look at using similes to help add description.

Use this BBC bitesize website to help you - Have a go and think of a simile to each colour - look at our examples below to help you!

Red is as strong as an ox.

Blue is like a feather floating in the wind.

Yellow is as hot as the sun on a summer's day.




Green ...

Orange... Can you think of similes for anything else? As happy as...

As fast as...

Quiet like a...


Today we would like you to write your own poem about colours using the techniques we have focused on this week. We would like to see you using adjectives to describe the colour, alliteration when choosing your adjectives if possible and similes to add extra description.

Look at "Colour" by Kate Williams - remember that each line starts with a capital and there is a gap between each verse.

You can use the template below or draw your own - don't forget to illustrate your poem when you are finished with lots of colour!