Year 3 and 4 English - Week Beginning 9th November

In English this week we will be writing our own reports about a creature we have created.

Before you start watch the video from this BBC Bitesize website to recap what a formal report is!

Monday 9th November Read the text about a shark and answer the following questions

1. What is the heading of the report?

2. What are two subheadings used in the report?

3. Is it written in the present tense?

4. Does it use facts?

Tuesday 10th November

Today you are going to plan your report about your creature! On a piece of paper draw a picture of your creature again so you know what it looks like (you can set it out like the template below if you want). Label the key features of your creature around the outside and start to think about what subheadings you are going to include.

You can use this planning template to help you as well.

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November Today you are going to start writing your report about your creature! First, you need to decide on the layout of your report - we have attached some templates you could use for inspiration here!

Here are some things to help you:

Friday 13th November Today you are going to check your report and edit it to make sure you have included all of the key features! Use the checklist below to help you.

Some other things - How to use the suffix -ation

Spelling game

Verb game