Year 3 and 4 - Theme - Week Beginning 23rd November

Recap what the Industrial Revolution was by watching this video -

This week we are focusing on inventions. Think back to last week - which invention did you think was the most important and why?

Some activities you can do at home -

Have a look at these inventions and have a guess to see if you can work out what they are. Answer the guessing section first and then use to find out the answers!

Download • 3.75MB

You could draw a picture of Pre-industrial Britain and picture of Post-industrialised Britain.

These pictures below will give you an idea of what to draw. Think about what inventions were invented during and after the industrial revolution - how did these change the landscape of Britain?

In Science this week we are looking at different types of teeth - This BBC BItesize website will help you - After looking at the website can you draw and label the different types of teeth?