Year 3 and 4 - Theme - Week Beginning 30th November

History -

In History this week we will "dare to dream" by becoming inventors and designing our own invention to change the world. We will use this website - to inspire us (you should have a look too!)

Then have a go at designing your own invention - think about what it will be used for and how it might change the world (just like all the inventions we have been looking at previously that were invented during the industrial revolution!)

LI-Victorians-Drawing sheet-V_A
Download PDF • 171KB

Science - In science this week we will be looking at muscles in the human body. Have a look at this BBC website to help you Can you draw a human body with the muscles on? Could you label these? This picture below might help you -

French - In French we have been looking at french colours. Have a look at this BBC Lesson to help you Can you draw a picture at home, colour it in and then label it in French?

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