Year 3 and 4 Theme - Week Beginning 4th January

We have provided below some activities relating to our theme (and other curriculum subjects) which you can have a go at at home. Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser for our Colour Theme.

Look at the colour wheel and see if you can find the primary colours and secondary colours. Can you find the warm colours and cold colours?

Knowledge organiser colour final
Download PDF • 182KB


Using colouring pencils fill in the colour wheel below (you can use our Knowledge Organiser to help you!) R = red O = orange Y = yellow G = green B = blue I = Indigo V = Violet


If you are able to have a go at some of the basic sewing stitches! This website has some useful video clips of stitches:

You might also find this video from BBC Bitesize useful!

French In French we are focusing on sports and hobbies.

Have a look at the words below and then have a go at finding the different hobbies in the word search - can you write the word in English next to the French?

If you want to hear some of the pronunciations then this website can help you

or type the word into google translate


Have a think about what the internet is. Explore these websites to help you - We will be focusing on how to use search engines to find information.

Use Kiddle - to find... - 5 interesting facts about Romero Britto

- A picture of a Romero Britto painting

- A picture of Romero Britto If you are struggling - will help!