Year 5/6 Art - Wednesday 10th February 2021

Year 5/6 Art Wednesday 10th February 2021

Today is your last art session of the half term! In today’s session, we are going to be creating our necklace using patterns and contrasting colours to make it stand out.

You will need some plain A4 paper and either paint, felt tips or colouring pencils, which are contrasting for today’s work. If you are unsure of what contrasting colours are check these slides and your work from a few weeks ago.

First Activity:

Draw a quick outline of your necklace and practise what patterns, textures, shapes and contrasting colours you are going to want to use on your necklace. Look carefully at the colours you liked from your experimentations a few weeks ago. Here are some ideas of shapes of necklaces and patterns.

Second Activity:

Either you now need to draw your own proper, larger shape for the necklace you would like or you can copy one of these templates – Template 1, Template 2 or Template 3 (see below).

If you ask an adult nicely, they may help you draw the template bigger or help your trace it. Once you have your necklace template, you can now fill it in with your contrasting colours, patterns, textures and shapes. Remember, these are your own designs, so it doesn’t matter what the end result looks like.

We look forward to seeing them!

If you are feeling really clever, you could try and take a photo of them both together with a person’s head in the middle! That is a challenge if you fancy one!