Year 5/6 Art Wednesday 13th January 2021

Year 5/6 Art Session Wednesday 13th January 2021

This half term in Art we are going to be looking at creating, using different patterns and media, an Egyptian Headdress and necklace part.

First Activity:

Have a look through these slides to learn about the different types of crowns and headdresses that were found in Ancient Egyptians.

Have a look at these Egyptian headdresses and necklaces. What do you notice about them?

At the end of the art sequence, you are going to create a drawn / painted / coloured headdress and necklace. You may have noticed that they are full of patterns, textures, use block colour and use contrasting colours (colours opposite each other on the colour wheel).

Second Activity:

Take a look at the slides linked to patterns and textures. We would like you to experiment, using a normal pencil, the different patterns, textures (hard through to soft) and shapes you can use with a pencil. You can just practise on some plain A4 paper.

Third Activity:

Now take a look at the end of the slides looking at colour wheels and contrasting colours. If you have paint then use this, if not you can using different colour felt tips or colouring pencils. We would like you to explore different shapes, patterns and textures using contrasting colours.

You may wish to find different items from around the house, which have contrasting colours and see which ones you like the best! You may choose to draw an image in contrasting colours.