Year 5/6 Art - Wednesday 27th January 2021

Year 5/6 Art Wednesday 27th January 2021

Today we are going to be focussing on the headdress and creating this using just normal pencil.

You will need some plain A4 paper and pencil for today’s work.

First Activity:

Draw a quick outline of your headdress (here are both sets of slides from last art session – pattern slides and headdress slides) and practise what patterns, textures and shapes you are going to want to use on your headdress. You will need to decide which shape headdress you would like - remember there are many different ones to choose from depending on the role of the person! You can always use one of the templates below to practise your skills.

Second Activity:

Either you now need to draw your own proper, larger shape for the headdress you would like or you can use one of these templates. Click below for the different headdress templates.

The White Crown

The Red Crown

The Blue Crown

The Double Crown

The Atef Crown

Nemes Headdress

Or you could ask an adult nicely; they may help you draw the template bigger or help your trace it.

Once you have your headdress template, you can now fill it in with your pencil patterns, textures and shapes.

We look forward to seeing them!