Year 5/6 English 11.01.21

This week we are going, write a persuasive letter. You can choose to either use your own idea (you may have started to think about it last week) or be inspired by the purpose we will look at on Wednesday’s lesson.

You will need a pen and paper to write your ideas each day. If you would rather an exercise book then phone school to arrange collecting one.

We will be asking you on Thursday to send in your final letter, it can either typed up and emailed to us or you can email a photo of your handwritten version.

Session 1: Features of persuasive writing

Today we would like you to watch this lesson about ‘The Features of Persuasive Writing’.

Record your thoughts and ideas in a book as you go. If you need a book or any resources, you can come and collect these from the office at school (please ring ahead). Today's lesson is about 40 minutes with time to pause the video and write your own ideas.

Click here for the lesson.