Year 5/6 English Week Beginning 04.01.21


This week we are looking at persuasive language and how to write a persuasive letter.

Session 1 Tuesday 5th January

Year 5 - Today is our SPAG session. complete the questions on the slides.

Year 6 - Today is our SPAG session, complete the questions on the slides.

Session 2 Wednesday 6th January

Today we want you to take a look at this activity about an advert for 'Roald Dahl Land' pay particular attention to the language used.

Session 3 Thursday 7th January

Today is a chance to look at a persuasive letter and it's features. Look at the example letter and highlight the features from the PowerPoint.

Session 4 Friday 8th January

Today you need to think about planning your own persuasive letter. Who will you write to? What would you like to persuade them about? You could use an example from yesterday to inspire your own version of a persuasive letter. Use this pro forma to plan your own letter.