Year 5/6 French

We are excited to announce that we are now using ‘Duolingo for Schools’, in Team 3, to help us learn French while we are in Lockdown.

It only takes 10 minutes or so a day, and you can do more than this if you want to. We are setting approximately 4 lessons for you to do every two weeks, as some times repeating the same lesson can help you to become more confident in what you have learnt.

There are two ways to get started:

Please note before you get started, you do need parental permission to use Duolingo, and Duolingo for Schools may still prompt you to give a parental email address as part of the sign up process (please check that your parent is happy with this and if not, then please don’t sign up).

1) Your School Email: If you check your school email, you have been added to our class Duolingo account where there are interactive lessons you can work your way through. Follow the link in the email and start learning!

2) If you can't access your school email or the email invite hasn’t arrived, then you can choose the joining instructions for your class below (or if your class isn’t there feel free to use Mr Willcox/Miss Hughes instructions).


If you decide not to sign up for Duolingo for Schools, then there are lots of good videos online that can help you to learn French too and we will put a selection of them here in the coming weeks.

Have fun!