Year 5/6 - PSHE - Monday 1st March 2021

Year 5/6 PSHE – Monday 1st March 2021

Today we are carrying on thinking about keeping/staying healthy, but actually focusing on something that isn’t very good for our bodies.

Can you think what it might be? What do some people do which is not good for their body?

Activity 1:

Well done if you said ‘smoking’! We would like you to write down some things you already know about smoking and its effect on the body. Use this sheet if you would like.

Now click here for some ‘True or False’ statements. Try to see if you can have a conversation with someone about the statements as you may learn something new from somebody else.

What have you learnt from these statements? Write down some key things that you have learnt.

Activity 2:

You may, or may not have known that smoking is unhealthy for your body and can cause many illnesses. Every year, 96,000 deaths in the UK are caused because of smoking. We would like you to research how smoking effects the respiratory system and cardiovascular system.

Make a poster by hand or on the computer of your findings.

Useful website -