Year 5/6 - PSHE - Monday 22nd February

Year 5/6 PSHE – Monday 22nd February

This half term in PSHE, the topic is ‘Keeping/Staying Healthy’. You are going to need to cast your mind back to our first theme of the year to support you with this!

Today’s focus is thinking about staying healthy and thinking about healthy living and the foods we should and shouldn’t eat.

Activity 1:

Create a mind map thinking about the answers to these questions. Try and have a conversation with someone at home, as they may provide you with some alternative answers. You could always make it more decorative by adding colour and pictures to it.

- What can you do to look after your body and mind?

- How can you help others to look after their body and mind?

- As you have got older, is there anything you have had to do to ensure a healthy lifestyle?

- What advice would you give to children to keep healthy?

- Why is it important to maintain a healthy body and mind?

- What can friends and family do to help you keep healthy?

Activity 2:

Look at these images and see if you can work out what they are. Click here for the answers!

Complete some research about the images and find out where they come from and some interesting facts about them. You may want to create a poster or type your findings up onto the computer. What are their impacts on children? How much should children have each day? Click here for some extra facts.

Some useful websites / videos:

Activity 3:

See if you can find five popular snack foods in your house/cupboards. Look at the labels on them and see if you can find their sugar, salt and saturated fat content. Are you surprised at what you have found out? Now have a look at some food items you presume are healthier. Have a look at their content. Are you surprised at what you have found out?

Extra challenge – once you have found out how much sugar, salt and saturated fat is in certain foods, why don’t you try weighing these out and comparing it to your daily allowance (these measurements can be found in the ‘extra facts’).