Year 5/6 PSHE - Monday 25th January 2021

Year 5/6 PSHE Monday 25th January

Today, we are carrying on looking at emotions and thinking about the emotion of ‘worry’.

First Activity:

What does worry mean to you? Why might children worry? Why might adults worry? Do children and adults worry about the same things?

Write down some ideas to these questions.

Look at these two different scenarios and write down some strategies and advice that you could give to these characters to reduce their worry.

Second Activity (You can choose between this activity and the third activity – or equally you could do both!):

When we are worried, we like to have something of comfort near us or something, which makes us calm. If you have some resources at home, you could always have a go at making something to hold or look at when you are worried.

For example:

· Painting a stone with a happy symbol on it.

· Making a ‘calm down jar’. You will need: a jar with a lid, some warm water and some glitter. Shake it up and watch the glitter fall gently through the water.

· Making a worry box and decorating it with bits from home. This will allow you to add your worries into it.

· Creating and decorating a notebook or journal to write any of your worries down into.

· A stress ball. You will need: a balloon and some flour or rice to carefully put inside.

Third Activity: A Creative activity, which can become an entry to enter to 1Decision!

Can your students help?

This is an activity about children helping each other.

Are you fed up with all the negativity being spread all over the news and social media? Then this is an activity for you!

We are looking to children to submit either a short video (around 30 secs), a piece of writing, or a drawing about one or more of the following:

· Top tips to keep happy in lockdown

· How to manage worry and anxiety

· Something that has helped them smile or laugh during lockdown

· Top tips to keep motivated to learn at home while schools are closed

1Decision have already received many entries and they would like to create a larger collection of positivity that they can use to support children supporting each other.

Depending on the responses, they aim to create a digital magazine or website to share the collection with children across the UK.

Please send all submissions or questions to:

Let us all work together to support children who may be struggling!