Year 5/6 Theme 14.01.21

Our theme for our current learning is the Ancient Egyptians. There will be activities linked around this theme covering mostly geography and history objectives. Each week we will learn a little about Egypt and its past.

You need to create a double page spread from what you’ve learnt about the Ancient Egyptians every other week (so you should have 3 double-page spreads by half-term). Keep these double-page spreads safe as when we’re all back in school, you’ll need to bring them in so we can look at them together and you will stick them in your theme books. Be as creative as you like with them – last term, your double-page spreads were presented beautifully and contained lots interesting information. We’re expecting big things!

As well as the activity we set each for theme lesson, research areas of interest to yourself to add to your fact file and double-page spreads. The areas the lessons will cover include map work, timelines, gods and goddesses and mummification, to name a few, in case you want to research different areas or get ahead and learn about them before covering them.

Ready time travellers!

Lesson 1: Images for questioning

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