Year 5/6 Theme activities Autumn 2 - Dare To Dream!

Parents, if your child is off from school for a long length of time, here are some activities they can carry out that are linked to our theme work.

Firstly, make sure your child has seen and read the Knowledge Organiser (Click here for one) to learn the key points from this theme.

Activities to undertake:

1) Design and make a placard for a peaceful demonstration about looking after/protecting our environment

2) Research the following people and events:-

Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Reverend Oliver Brown, Bristol Bus Boycott

The Suffragettes and Emmeline Pankhurst

Linking with the english we have covered, your child could create a newspaper front page on one of the

events above, pretending they have interviewed one of the above mentioned people for their report.

3) Make a plan to 'Chase their Dream'. What is their dream for their future and how could they achieve it? What

might the barriers to their dream be and how could they overcome them?

4) Design a dream catcher to represent their dream with the wool/strands representing pathways to their dream.

Add pieces like feathers, little pictures, motivational quotes to inspire them to chase it.

5) Paint a portrait of one of the famous people mentioned above

6) Paint a picture or make a collage of the Big Bang Theory or the Christian Genesis creation story