Year 5 Maths Friday 22nd January 2021

Today is your last day of Multiplication and Division and you have all been giving it a really good go!

Before you start each day, why not have a go at completing one of these slides! It 'flashbacks' to previous learning you have done.

Flashback slides

Friday 22nd January - Divide with Remainders

Please choose an arithmetic activity which is most suitable to you.

If for any reason you are finding today's learning challenging, just focus on PAGE 1 of the worksheet or contact your class teacher to let them know. If your child has really struggled with division this week - it might be worth just simply recapping some of the questions they have already completed this week and to feel secure with the division methods.

Now complete today's learning.

Video -

Teaching Slides


Worksheet Answers

If you would like to, please complete the end of term block assessment. Here are the answers too.

For those of you who would like a challenge - here are some reasoning and problem solving questions linking to Multiplication and Division. If you don't have time to complete these now, you always can at another point by coming back to this blog!