Year 5 Maths - Friday 26th February 2021

Year 5 Maths Friday 26th February

Today we are going to be recapping what you have already learnt to do with fractions from last half term, before carrying on next week!

Fractions Recap

Starter: Choose 2 or 3 of these starter questions to have a go at!

Activity 1:

Here are the key aspects of learning that you have covered so far with Fractions. I would refresh your memory by looking back at your worksheets linking to these below topics and by going through the video links below.

● Equivalent Fractions –

● Improper and Mixed Number Fractions – and

● Comparing and Ordering Fractions - and

Now have a go at answering these questions before having a go at today’s worksheet.

Fraction Recap Questions

Activity 2:

Now complete this worksheet, which covers all of the above learning.


Worksheet Answers.