Year 5 Maths - Thursday 25th February 2021

Year 5 Maths Thursday 25th February

Welcome back to your maths learning! This week, we are having a slight change. We are moving away from some of the White Rose resources and doing a recap of our four operations and a Fractions recap of what you have learnt so far last half term, before carrying on again with fractions next week.

Multiplication and Division 2

Starter: Today we would like you to roll a 10-sided dice (here is a virtual dice ) to…

1. Roll to create a 2-digit number and a 3-digit numbers and multiply those together

eg. 52 x 138

2. Roll to create a 2-digit number and a 4-digit number and multiply those together

eg. 49 x 2,418

3. Roll to create a 4-digit number and a 1-digit number. Divide the 4-digit by the 1-digit. Do you get any remainders? Roll again if you get 0,1 or 2 as your 1-digit number. eg. 3,896 divided by 8

Activity 1:

Have a go at these multiplication and division word problems. Show your workings. Once you have finished, try making up a multiplication and division number story.

1) Alisha went on a shopping spree and bought 23 pairs of shoes. Each pair cost £15. How much did she spend altogether?

2) If Riley eats 25 raisins a day, how many does he eat over 234 days?

3) Mr Burroughs wants to replace the school’s footballs. Each football costs £12 and he wants to order 134. How much will they cost altogether?

4) Miss Huntley needs to order some new whiteboard pens. She orders 26 boxes. Each box contains 247 pens. How many pens are ordered altogether?

5) 256 marbles are sorted into boxes of 7. How many boxes are needed?

6) 313 people are put into groups of 9 for a sports tournament. How many groups will there be?

7) 1,458 flower plants are bought at a garden centre. They are planted into 6 beds. How many plants will be in each bed? Are there any left over?

Activity 2:

Have a go at these different multiplication and division problems. Can you solve them all and show your teachers?

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