Year 5 Maths - Thursday 4th February 2021

Year 5 Maths Thursday 4th March

This week, Year 5 children will be back to the White Rose format, continuing their learning on Fractions. Today, children will be moving on from subtraction of fractions and looking at multiplying fractions. Please watch the videos and use the supporting material in order to help you complete the activity sheet.

Multiply Unit Fractions by an Integer

STARTER: Please complete today’s ‘FLASHBACK’ questions, which will allow you to recap some of the fractions learning you did last half term. My biggest clue is to recap on how to make fractions equivalent, ensuring you have the same denominator!

Now complete the activity for today.

Video –

Teaching Slides


Worksheet Answers

If for any reason you are finding today's learning challenging, just focus on PAGE 1 of the worksheet or contact your class teacher to let them know.

Challenge – Have a go at these!