Year 5 Maths Tuesday 19th January 2021

This week, Year 5 children will be finishing their learning about multiplication and division. Please watch the videos and use the supporting material in order to help you complete the activity sheet.

Before you start each day, why not have a go at completing one of these slides! It 'flashbacks' to previous learning you have done.

Flashback slides

Tuesday 19th January - Divide 2-digit by 1-digit (2) Recap Year 4

Choose one of the arithmetic challenges, which is suitable for you.

If you need some support with your division, click here to access a website which you can move PLACE VALUE COUNTERS!

Now complete today's learning.

Video -

Teaching Slides


Worksheet Answers

If for any reason you are finding today's learning challenging, just focus on PAGE 1 of the worksheet or contact your class teacher to let them know.

Challenge - Have a go at these!