Year 5 Maths - Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Year 5 Maths Tuesday 23rd February

Welcome back to your maths learning! This week, we are having a slight change. We are moving away from some of the White Rose resources and doing a recap of our four operations and a Fractions recap of what you have learnt so far last half term, before carrying on again with fractions next week.

Addition and Subtraction 2

Starter: Today we would like you to roll a 10-sided dice (here is a virtual dice ) to…

1. Roll to create two, 5-digit numbers and add them together eg. 12,342 + 17,975

2. Roll to create a 5-digit number and a 4-digit number to takeaway eg. 27,845 – 3,852

3. Roll to create two 4-digit numbers eg. 3,254 and 9,765. How many more would you need to add to get to 20,000?

Example – 3,254 + 9,765 = 13,019

20,000 – 13,019 = 6,981

Activity 1:

Today we are going to focus on the inverse and using our addition and subtraction skills to solve problems. The inverse is doing the opposite calculation in order to find out the answer or check an answer is correct.

Watch this video to find out how to solve some missing box problems using the inverse.

Then have a go at the questions below.

Activity 2

Please see the attached sheets for today’s activities.

Hot Chilli (Page 3 of document) - Inverse Operations – questions 4-6

Chilli Heatwave (Page 4 of document) – Inverse operations – questions 7-9

Answers are on the last page too!


If you are ready for a challenge here are some missing boxes to complete!

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