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Design and Technology

At Landscore we strive to deliver Design and Technology by ensuring it is practical and makes meaningful links to other areas of the curriculum and our ‘themes’. We look to develop creativity and imagination by planning and delivering lessons that allow children the opportunity to use their own ideas. We ensure a range of practical skills are developed alongside crucial technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the design process.


As part of our 'Pirates' theme. KS1 designed and made their very own treasure islands.

They explored different ways to join materials and used paper mache to build up the terrain. 

Once they had dried they painted their islands. Don't they look great!

During their 'Great fire of.....' theme. Year 3 and 4 designed and made their own Tudor houses.

They then turned these into a model of Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of London began.

Finally they set fire to them, to recreate a great fire, have a look at the video here!

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