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At Landscore we want our pupils to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to communicate their thoughts, ideas and emotions effectively both independently and collaboratively.

Writing is an integral part of our curriculum. All children from Foundation Stage to year 6 are provided with frequent opportunities to develop and apply their writing skills across the curriculum. It is our intention that pupils gain a clear understanding of the writing process in order to establish themselves as writer in their own right. Through using high quality, engaging texts, we foster pupils’ interesting writing and offer a reason and context for writing, which enables the children to write for purpose and audience. Children are expected to be reflective learners and to persevere by thinking about how they can make changes and keep improving their work.

It is our intention to broaden children’s exposure to high-level vocabulary and to allow them to apply their understanding of vocabulary and grammatical features across the curriculum. Children are taught the relationship between words, word meaning, implied meaning and figurative language within writing lessons, whilst ensuring they are supported in their spelling strategies.

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