internet safety

On this page we will provide as much information as possible about keeping your children safe on the Internet.This will enhance and suppliment the lessons they receive in school which will enable them to make the right choices and learn how to keep themselves safe. The web is a wonderful learning and social resource but as with anything children need to learn what is appropriate and safe.                                             

The most important advice is to talk to your child and play an active part in their time online. Talk with your child about their 'life online'. Consider where your child is using the internet. Keeping computers/ipads in the main family living space will help reduce any inappropriate access. If you have any concerns then please speak to your class teacher who will refer you to the child protection officer at school if necessary.

Here is a link that enables you to explore the most popular sites, apps and games that children are currently using. If you click on each of the icons it gives you details of how safe it is and what the issues and concerns are about children using them.

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