The governing body are responsible for the strategic direction of the school, for holding the Headteacher to account for educational outcomes and for making sure that money is well spent.

The governing body works in partnership with the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team.  Acting as a 'critical friend' the governing body has a role to support and challenge the work of the school.

We have twelve governors - one is the Headteacher; one is a staff governor; three parent governors; one Local Authority governor and seven co-opted governors.  These are individuals who are asked to join the governing body due to the skills and expertise they bring.

We regularly review skills and experience across our governors against the recommendations of the National Governors Association and our own priorities so that, when we have a vacancy, we know what sort of person we need to bring in to the team. We usually find that person from among the parents at Landscore or from the Crediton community.

The full governing body meets monthly.  In line with its strategic role, its focus for these meetings is school improvement.

We have a number of committees that can be called upon when necessary, namely:

  • Pay Review

  • Performance Management

  • Hearing and Appeals Panels

We also develop 'start and finish' task groups throughout the year as required.

Some of our governors are hold a 'lead' role for certain subjects:

  • Safeguarding Governor - Hazel Hodge

  • Deputy Safeguarding Governor - David Smith

  • H&S Governor - Liz Brooks-Hocking

  • SEN and Pupil Premium Governor - Kashy Coney

  • Equality Governor - Liz Brooks-Hocking

Current members of the Governing Body are:

David Smith (Chair) 
Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Ends: 17th January 2023

I have been a Governor since 2004, when my own children (now adults) were in Key Stage One.  As a co-opted Governor I have been asked by the Governing Body to join them to bring specific expertise.  I have wide ranging experience including environmental regulation, strategy development, business planning, performance management, IT, consultancy and teaching.  I have been Chair of the Governors for a number of years and enjoy my role and the challenges it brings.


Simon Cantrill (Vice Chair)
Parent Governor - Term of Office Ends: 7th December 2025

After recently moving to Crediton I am excited to join the governors and become part of the Landscore community. I am originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire and I completed my teaching degree at the University of Plymouth so I have had the pleasure of teaching at Landscore as well! I have previously worked as a photographer and a museum assistant. In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar, the piano and undertaking extensive DIY project.

Hazel Hodge (Safeguarding Governor)
Co-opted Governor – Term of Office Ends: 17th January 2023

I have been a Governor since 2011.  My son joined Landscore in 2001, and while my son was at the school I became involved in helping to improve Landscore facilities for the children, as the PTA secretary, as a parent helper for reading, mealtime assistant before becoming a Governor.  I am currently a part-time Manager of a Nursery in Newton Abbot. My previous career was with Nat West Bank for 17 years.  I am very supportive of Landscore’s policies and as a governor I contribute to the schools improvement action plans by visiting the school regularly and meeting with the children.  As a co-opted Governor I have been asked by the Governing Body to join them to bring specific expertise.  I am the Safeguarding Governor.

Liz Brooks-Hocking
Co-opted Governor - Term of Office Ends: 20th January 2024

I joined the Governing Body in 2016 and was asked to join for my local knowledge of Crediton and its forward vision, I am also a serving Town Councillor.  In 2021 I became Mayor of Crediton.

Sarah Saunders
Parent Governor - Term of Office Ends: 7th December 2025

I became a parent governor here at Landscore in 2017 and was appointed to a second term in 2021. Both my children have attended Landscore since reception age and I have been a keen parent volunteer in school since my children started helping out in classes and listening to children read. I endeavour to add a parental perspective to the governing body team and discussions.

Kashy Coney (SEN and PP Governor)
Co-opted Governor - Term of Office Ends - 11th November 2025
Dr. Tristan Kershaw
Parent Governor - Term of Office Ends - 7th December 2025
I became a parent governor in 2021, while my son who started at Landscore in 2019 is in Yr2. I am a lecturer in Climate Resilience at the University of Bath in the Dept. of Architecture and Civil Engineering. In my job I am responsible for the admissions, progress monitoring and the principle point of support for the post-graduate students in the Department. I also sit on the faculty board of studies and as such have strategic oversight of the courses taught across the Engineering and Design faculty at Bath.  I see the school governor role as complimentary to my work life and visa versa with a lot we can learn from each other.
Chris Parkes
Co-opted Governor - Term of Office Ends - 7th December 2025

I have recently joined the Governing Body having moved from Hertfordshire to Crediton with my family in January 2020. I am a Chartered Surveyor with over 35 years experience in the property industry, the last 18 years of which have been focused on advising the public sector. This includes a range of Local Authorities, Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities. I am a member of the Resources Committee for the Crediton Heart Project. I was previously a Governor and Facilities Committee Chair at a Primary School in Hertfordshire.  I am a keen white water kayaker, bodyboarder and paddleboarder with a strong interest in water safety and I previously played and coached Canoe Polo at both Club and International Level.

Rev. Matthew Tregenza
Co-opted Governor - Term of  Office Ends: 17th September 2023

Patrick Seller

Staff Governor - Term of Office Ends: 11th September 2022

Debbie Main

Judith Harris
Clerk to the Governing Body
1 vacancy - Co-opted Governor
Attendance at Governor Meetings 2020/21
Dates of Governor Meetings 2021/22

For more information about the Governing Body please contact the Clerk, Judith Harris -

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