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New Accessing Bug Club

We hope that this blog helps you to access the Bug Club Active Learn Primary website.

Check you have the correct username and password...don't forget the school code.

Username: (usually first initial and surname) eg gmiller or swilliams

Year 1 Password: Phonics

School code: kchc

(if this login doesn't work for you please email your child's class teacher - it is possible that they have a different username)

Click here for a quick YouTube guide on how to use Bug Club.

This website can be glitchy - we have consulted the company (and done a little exploring ourselves) and here are a few things that could potentially be stopping the site from working for you.

The best way to trouble shoot is to click on the link below the login that says

"Will it work on my computer?".

This normally highlights the problem.

If you’re experiencing issues with viewing content of the website, you may need to adjust your browser settings. This includes allowing plug-ins, pop-up windows, and cookies. Adjusting your browser will solve most common issues.

Some checks to make....

  • javascript is enabled

  • AJAX is supported

  • Screen size meets requirements

  • ActiveLearn requires Flash player version 10 or higher for certain content (see system requirements). Download the latest version of Flash here. Flash is not available on most tablets

  • Web browser - use a supported web browser (eg Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge)

  • Pop-ups - You must allow popups to use ActiveLearn. Please make sure they are allowed in your browser’s options menu.

  • Cookies - You must accept cookies to use ActiveLearn. Please make sure they are allowed in your browser’s options menu.

If using Safari (iPads, iPhones or Apple Mac)

  • Safari: Add a Top (Trusted) Site

  • Safari: Enable Plug-Ins

  • Safari: Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers

  • Safari: Accept Cookies

  • Delete Cached Files and Cookies

  • Enable Flash Content

Click on this link for further support.

We hope this helps!!

Mrs Miller and Mrs Williams


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