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All about you!

As it is our first day back at school today, and many of you will be in new classes, your teacher (and new friends in your class!) would love to learn more about you!

We would like you to design something that tells us all about you!

You can be as creative as you like and make a poster, use photos, drawings, collage, bunting or even make a video.

We would love to know things such as: Your favourite animal and why

Your favourite book and why

When your birthday is

What your favourite food is

What your hobbies are

What are you most looking forward to this year

You can include whatever you like in this, but there is a template below in case you need some ideas.

Don't forget to send a photo to your teacher!

t-t-28988-all-about-me-activity-sheet-_ver_3 (1)
Download PDF • 390KB


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