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Computing - 8th September 2021

Today in computing we will be focusing on our own identity online and what we know about ourselves. It is important to remember not to share information about ourselves online and to remember to make sure we don't share our personal information with anyone we meet online.

1) What does self-identity mean?

Today, we would like you to create a wordcloud of all the different words that describe you. You can draw this on a piece of paper, or use a website like this one, to help you make one.

We would recommend asking an adult to help you set this up before you start, as this will be a website you haven't used before!

You can include words about: Sports you like / play

Groups or clubs Favourite things

Personality – e.g. funny, caring, serious?


If you draw one yourself, don't forget to use different colours for each word you choose!

Talk to an adult about why it is important to not share the information about yourself online.

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