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Dare to Dream - Collage Portraits

The children chose their most inspirational people in history, giving a reason why they were an inspiration to them and others. In their groups, the children created collages of inspirational people across the team.

Read this blog post to see where they started and what their final result was...

What is a collage?

A piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.

A short history of collage

The technique began to properly be used by artists at the beginning of the twentieth century. The word itself comes from papier collé, a French term used to describe the technique of securing paper cut-outs onto a surface. Today, of course, many details can combine to create a collage. Drawing, painting and 3D elements can be used by an artist to create a piece of art that can be experienced both visually and textually.


We then explored a variety of artists who were famous for their colleges. The children thought about what they likes and disliked and wrote down questions about the artwork. They then were able to use a variety of materials to recreate some of the artwork and to see which technique and style they preferred.

Below are the artists we explored.

Collaborative Collage:

Once the children had practised their techniques, they began their collaborative college. They began with the background, then moved onto the clothes and neck and then the face and hair.

The children had to think about:

  • What colours are you going to use and why?

  • Are you going to cut your pieces or rip them?

  • Your pieces need to be SMALL - how small do they need to be?

  • Every part of your picture needs to be covered - how are you going to ensure there is no background showing?

  • Do not start your person until your background and name are complete - how are you going to make sure the face is in the foreground?

Take a look at their finished colleges below!


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