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English - 7th September 2021

Today in English we would like you to read the story below about Effie and the dragon.

When you are reading it, imagine what you think might happen next, as we will be finishing this story in a few weeks time!

Effie and the dragon
Download DOCX • 165KB

You will be carrying on this story, but that will not be possible without your own dragon! We would like you to design your own dragon - you can be as creative as you like and don't forget to name it! Don't forget to include lots of detail (such as eye colour, if it has fur, how many scales it has, how long it's wings are and how far it can breathe fire). You can even draw it's habitat (where it lives!)

Here are some templates you can use if you need some inspiration!

Dragon template
Download PDF • 3.99MB


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