English - Monday 24th January

In English, we will be focusing on a new text called, "Little Evie in the Wild Wood".

You can read the text for yourself here -

Little evie in the wild wood
Download PDF • 135KB

There is a video of someone reading the story here - https://www.facebook.com/HighfieldBrookham/videos/little-evie-in-the-wild-wood-by-jackie-morris-read-by-mrs-sophie-baber/543630176546480/

(Ask an adult to help you load the video!)

Once you have read/listened to the story, have a go at filling in the likes, dislikes, puzzles and pattern sheet below.

(Attached as a PDF below):

Think about the language used in the story - can you spot any similes, adjectives, powerful verbs or speech marks?

S1 likes dislikes patterns and puzzles (5)
Download PDF • 61KB