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Haytor trip!

Team 2 had a fantastic visit to Haytor Rocks on Dartmoor as part of our geography theme.

In geography, we have been learning about Dartmoor and the features of the landscapes, as well as how to read maps. On the moor, we located Haytor on a map and with our Dartmoor Guides Ian and Mel, we oriented our maps, used our compasses to find North and starting to look at how to read coordinates. It was really fun to put all the work we have done in class into practise on the moor!

By the quarry, we put our sketching skills to use and we each found a spot to sketch - when we are back at school we will use these sketches to help us draw a more detailed picture of the moor.

It was such a great day (and the weather was fab!) - it was so exciting to see all the things we have been learning about and get a chance to experience a trip on Dartmoor.


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