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KS2 Reading Blog

We want to spend some of this extra time we all have exploring books and sharing discoveries of great books you make.

Please send in a short review to your teacher of any books you have loved with a bit of detail of why you would recommend it - we're always keen to learn about new books!

We will put together a reading recommendation area on our web page where you can look for recommendations.

To make sure you all have enough to read, we have set up a 'Virtual Library' with lots of online books to read and quiz. You’ll find this on the Virtual School page.

In addition, Oxford Owl are offering access to free eBooks. It is simple to use and offers a range of interesting books. You can sign up for free! Once registered, you can browse the eBook library by age, series, book band or book type.

Aim to read for at least 30 minutes a day!

This can be broken down into shorter chunks if that is easier for you. Remember to check to see if a book is in your range and if you have forgotten your range email your teacher.

You can also share a book with adults at home and take it in turns to read parts as well as listening to audiobooks. You can still quiz these books on AR.

When you have you phone call with your teacher each week we will discuss how you are getting on with your reading and look at your AR scores together.

If you do not have any books at you level at home then we can arrange for you to borrow a book from school and swap it for a new one each time you finish. Speak to your teacher about this when they call you.

You can check the AR level of a book here:


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