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Landscore Roman Army

In Team 2 our theme for the next half term is "How the Romans changed Britain" - today we grabbed our Roman shields and formed our own Roman Army and marched to invade Britain!

The Roman Army was divided up into Legions of around 5,400 soldiers. Legions were led by a Legate and were made up of ten groups of soldiers called cohorts. Cohorts were then further divided into groups of 80 men called centuries. The officers, or leaders, of each century were called centurions.

We began our march by getting into formation and marching "dexter" - right and "sinister" left.

When we saw the enemy approaching ahead, our Legate shouted "Testudo" and we formed into our defence formation of a "tortoise". This formation was a type of shield wall formation commonly used by the Roman Legions during battles, where the army made the shape of a tortoise to shield themselves from an attack.

Now we have marched and invaded Britain, our task is to find out what the Romans did once they had invaded in 43AD and how Britain changed as a result.


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